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Global Sodium Cyanide Market is anticipated to expand or exhibit a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period


The sodium Cyanide is a chemical reagent enabling the gold to dissolve in the water. It is a prevalent reagent among the chemical manufacturers and mining organizations due to its huge applicability. Qualities of the sodium cyanide include technical and economic nature. Sodium cyanide is being embraced for the recovery of gold from ores. This chemical has significant applicability in mining metals from ores. It has a good market share in the application of gold recovery in a safer manner worldwide. This is because ores cannot be processed in physical forms by crushing for extracting gold and other metals, hence the usage of chemicals becomes a necessity in extracting metals. The usage is water-based chemicals in separating metals are known as hydrometallurgy.

The demand for Sodium Cyanide Market is anticipated to expand or exhibit a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period.

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Mining and Metallurgy Segment to Dominate the Market Demand

The utilization of sodium cyanide as an extracting agent in the mining and metallurgy industry is high. Sodium cyanide has its presence in liquid or solid briquette forms. The product is highly utilized for the separation of gold for ores due to its prevalent availability and cost-effectiveness. Significant forces that are encouraging the market share of sodium cyanide are mining because of quality such as non-self-combustion. Worldwide the production of gold involves the application of sodium cyanide that accounted for about 90%. The properties including strong bonding nature with gold when mixed in the powdered form of gold ore as a solution is rising its demand, thus when Zinc is applied to this mixture, separates cyanide hence solid gold is formed.

Asia Pacific region dominates the sodium cyanide market:

Sodium cyanide has significant demand from the Asia Pacific region for its application among gold extraction and in the chemical industry as well. The Asia-Pacific region has a dominant role in the sodium cyanide reagent market share especially for the extraction of metals from the ores. The demand is high from China in the Asia Pacific region that accounts for 12% of the global market share in the global market. Therefore, it’s high in demand among the countries in this region for mining activities throughout the Chinese market especially in the mining industry because of consistent backup in foreign direct investments and acting as a key factor stimulating the market of sodium cyanide. It has an important role in producing chemicals and plastic materials which has a considerable application of sodium cyanide in the manufacturing process.

Competitive Landscape:

The market of sodium cyanide is highly competitive in nature because of the presence of numerous competitor companies manufacturing sodium cyanide. There are also organizations that are involved in the collaborations, partnerships and other modes of strategic market entry into various regions of the global marketplace in offering the sodium cyanide to the end-users. Prominent players associated in the production of sodium cyanide offering worldwide are stated as follows; Cyanco, Australian Gold Reagents Pty Ltd., Asahi Kasei Corporation, Orica Limited, Sasol Limited,  The Chemours Company, Evonik Industries AG., Changsha Hekang Chemical Co., Ltd., Draslovka Holding B.V., Gujarat Alkalies, Chemicals Limited.

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